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Innovating at Scale


Google has multiple products with more than 1B users (Search, YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Play, Android, Ads,…). Achieving and maintaining that in these highly competitive markets requires constant product & technology innovation.

But where do these ideas come from? What’s the process to generate them? How are they materialized into actual products and technology? There are no guarantees or agreed upon laws, but in his talk, Yariv Adan will share his observations from 12 years at Google, on the best practices and principles that can increase your chances for getting there.

Speaker Biography

For the past 12 years, Yariv has been leading products and product teams at Google. In his current role, he is leading the Zurich product team working on the Google Assistant. Prior to this role, Yariv worked on a wide range of products, including proprietary Google infrastructure, privacy and security, products designed for the Emerging Markets, and YouTube ads. Before joining Google, Yariv was an engineering manager in various Israeli start-ups and companies.

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