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Lessons from an ex-Project Manager turned Product Manager: Why balancing strategy and execution is difficult


As an ex-Project Manager turned Product Manager, I’ll share my lessons learned about the difference between strategy and execution during my transition between roles, and how to survive as a Product Manager who had to balance strategy alongside being heavily involved in delivery.This session will focus on lessons learned on how to:

  1. Put strategy first
  2. Become proactive rather than reactive in delivery
  3. Manage expectations 
  4. Be aware of where company culture fits in


Speaker Biography

Emma Sephton is Account Manager at ProdPad and loves talking with different organisations about their approach to Product Management. As a Project Manager turned Product Manager, she understands where the two disciplines can be complementary to each other and where they work best separate. Emma is also Founder and Co-organiser of ProductTank Oxford, a meetup group for all things product.

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