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Technical Agile Coaching


As technical leaders we aim to help all the developers in our organizations to make better choices. How do we do that when empowered/Agile/DevOps teams make many choices independently? In this talk you will learn about a coaching technique for building up people, skills and teams.

Speaker Biography

Emily Bache is an experienced Technical Agile Coach, Trainer, Software Developer and Architect, with a focus on Test Driven Development and automated testing in general. In her current role she helps teams with the technical side of Agile, Continuous Delivery and DevOps. She is an excellent programmer, particularly skilled with Python and Scala, but also Java, Ruby and C++.

Emily enjoys designing automated tests, and improving legacy code. Emily Bache has published a book “The Coding Dojo Handbook”, and authored two Pluralsight video courses.

All her books and videos are based on her experience using TDD when delivering production code, as well as the teaching she has done using the Coding Dojo format at conferences, in companies, and with the Gothenburg Python user group.

Emily has also facilitated several Code Retreat events. Emily Bache regularly speaks at international conferences such as XP, EuroSTAR, Agile Testing Days, ACCU, Craft, and Europython.

In summary, Emily Bache understands the technical foundations of agile – the ‘hard skills’ needed for developers to work in an agile team, and the technical prerequisites that need to be in place in the environment.


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