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ING’s Agile Transformation


ING is changing rapidly from a traditional organization to a modern bank, getting ready for the digital world. Their Agile transformation has become an example for many other organizations. David, one of the earliest pioneers on agile within ING, will unravel some of the organizational success factors of this transformation.

Speaker Biography

David Bogaerts has been an Agile & Lean coach within ING since 2007. When ING started with the Agile & IT transformation 9 years ago, David was asked to join in. This transformation started in 2010 with the introduction of agile/scrum, after which Continuous Delivery was introduced in 2012, DevOps in 2013 and BuzDevOps in 2016. From that moment on David is working on this transition which has spread over the entire ING organization while continuing to pursuit the dream of building a learning and adapting organization; an organization practicing validated learning everyday with the objective to accomplish the unimaginable.

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