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Fit for survival


The design of services places users squarely at the centre of its practice, and fulfilling customer needs is the focus of organizations large and small. What happens though, to the people inside the organization, especially at times when efforts are mostly focused on efficiency, simplification and cost reduction? How do organizations change effectively, and organize their people and the work, to support change that isn’t merely cosmetic and that results in tangible outcomes, both internal and external? Vision, willingness to depart from management models that are still firmly rooted in the industrial revolution era and understanding of that culture cannot be superimposed, but is the direct result of the conditions of the system in which it develops, are among the elements that contribute to the success of it.

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Alberta Soranzo is a believer that there’s always another way to look at a challenge and she has been hacking things to make them work better for humans since she was a child. She is an incorrigible nomad, She has lived and worked in Italy and California and Alberta is now based in London, UK. 

As Transformation Design Director, with a specialty in service design and systems thinking, at Lloyds Banking Group, Alberta focus on the creation and delivery of future-friendly services and customer outcomes that are rooted in systemic understanding and deliver value. She is driven by the opportunity to make a real impact on outcomes for both people and the organization, by looking after the big picture as well as paying attention to the very small things that to her‘matter a lot’.
Prior to Lloyds, Alberta Soranzo was experience design director at digital agencies in London and at UCLA in California. she has long track record of leading strategic projects for global brands, including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, CDC, UCLA, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, RBS, BUPA, The Co-operative Group, EDF, Nuffield Health and T.Rowe Price.tries to keep up with the crazy life of her teenage daughters.

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