Jon Kern


Co-author of the Agile Manifesto is passionate about helping clients succeed in delivering business value through software. He works with (typically distributed) teams to articulate, design, architect, and deliver software that solve challenging business problems. Jon has significant impact on the projects he works on. Projects routinely see high quality solutions in less time, and leave the local team mentored on object-oriented and agile techniques, and excited. (Often more valuable than the technical improvements 😉

Jon has a knack for taking the long view, seeing the big picture—yet knowing the details, and driving business success at every turn. Folks interested in truly establishing a best of breed solution, an enduring sense of quality and process, a desire to deliver business value without the BS, and having fun while doing it, love Jon.

His varied career has spanned jet engine R&D, flight simulators, to being an object-oriented and lightweight process evangelist through the 90s, authoring books with Peter Coad, helping to form TogetherSoft, and his work co-authoring the Agile Manifesto for Software Development in 2001. Colleagues & clients alike credit Jon with much of the stellar success that TogetherSoft enjoyed with the UML modeling/IDE product and with the professional mentor group he formed.

Jon seeks better ways for teams to accomplish their goals from the perspectives of people, process, and technology. Jon likes to help teams build an environment that enables effective practices, solid architecture, agile development, quality-by-design (not accident), and laser-like focus on delivering business value through strategic use of the s/w development.

Specialties: agile development, agile coach, domain modeling, architectural solutions that meet business needs, leading distributed teams, highly varied domain expertise, leadership by example.



45' Talk

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