Gary Crawford

Landvetter, Göteborg

With over 15 years creating customer experiences, I’m a globally experienced digital native executive. I specialise in value focused digital transformation. My work spans enterprise and startups in financial services, automotive, transportation and logistics, retail, UK government and healthcare.

I increase speed-to-market, return on investment and innovation through digital business models, culture, practices, processes and technologies. I apply agile, product centric approaches and operate teams like startups to drive customer value, growth and productivity.

At AKQA I lead technology and transformation in highly competitive companies inc. Volvo Cars, Trucks and H&M. I reach across organisational, geographic and industry boundaries to deliver innovation, cultivate relationships and drive growth.

At ThoughtWorks I led a team of consultants at Student Loans Company (SLC), part of the high profile Government Digital Service (GDS) transformation programme. SLC is now a customer-focussed, leading-edge tech organisation, which has achieved the status of GDS exemplar.

Previously, I’ve helped shape the future of cloud-based data analysis platforms through work on AnalytiXagility at Aridhia Informatics. Years earlier, I helped Clevermed pioneer a single patient record of care solution across connected UK hospitals in maternity, neonatal, and paediatric ICU.

My leadership style builds high-performance teams, and creates the environment to attract, and retain, a new generation of talent equipped to innovate and disrupt. The result is a business primed for success in a digital economy.

Automotive, transportation and logistics, retail, public sector, healthcare, FinTech, MarTech, consultancy

Key skills
› Digital leadership, business models and strategy
› Product orientation, agile principles and management, DevOps
› Innovation management, lean startup, design sprints, business experimentation
› Invited speaker at international technology and business conferences



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